Who am I?

Hello everybody! Thank you for your visit here!

My name is Ilaria. Full-time daydreamer, interpreter by profession and a master degree in marketing and digital comminication almost in my pocket.

Born and grew up in a small town close to the Como Lake,  then relocated in the Trentino Alps, near the Austrian edge, I do love foreign languages and cultures, especially Japanese and everything related to the fascinating “Land of the raising Sun”.

Also, I am a travel aficionado: discovering a bunch of new places, new people and their cultures, lifestyles so similar or so different to what I am used to.

Apart from this, I have also a soft spot for natto, for every type of tea, which I drink a lot, for the photography and the world of communication and cultural promotion.

What is AcchiKocchi?

Acchi Kocchi” (IPA: /attɕi kottɕi/) in Japanese means “Here and There“. Wandering from a place to another without a clear or well-defined logic. Wherever the wind takes me… or better, following my heart.

The objective of this blog is to let people discover new places, in particular lesser-known places, in Italy and in the world.: realities that, from my own point of view, are worth to be told and shared with other people. Hidden places in an immensely amazing world seen through my eyes and taken in a picture. Breath-taking moments which must be fixed in our mind.

AcchiKocchi is a website adressed to a Japanese audience, passionate about Italy. However, I thought that it could be a good tool also for Italian and international readers. Therefore, I opted for converting it a multilingual resource: Italian, English and Japanese.

I hope it could give you inspiration for your next adventure!

Enjoy it and… have a nice trip!